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Richard Campbell-Smith StarChild  2013-2017

Please ensure the details that you give are correct. Check with the mother to ensure you have the correct spelling for the child`s name. Also make sure you have the correct time of birth when entering time details use the 24 hour clock system. It also important to take note of the place of birth. If the birth took place outside the UK make sure we can find it by giving town, region, country.

All this will help to make a accurate chart for you. It will also speed up the time it take`s us to construct and deliver your chart to you.

Birth Details

Please enter the date of birth as followed day-Month-year( ie:20-may-62)

Please enter the Time of birth Hour-Minute and zoon time (ie:23:45 B.S.T)

Please enter the Place of birth and detail if born in a city (Hackney.(District) London (City)). if out side the UK (ie: Hamilton(town) wakato (Region ) New Zealand(country)).

Your phone number that we can contact you if we come across a problem and we need your help

 Can we have the first line of the contact address

 Can we have the first line of the delivery address, if deferent from above

Delivery address

STARchild.co wish to thank you for your interest

Contact details

Please note

StarChild will not disclose your information to third parties. StarChild  are registered under the data protection act.

Delivery Schedule.

UK orders: You should receive your StarChild   product within 7 working days of  your order. International orders: You should receive your StarChild   product within 14 working days of your order.

Returns policy.

In the unlikely event of not being entirely happy with your  StarChild Product please return it within 14 days of receipt and we will happily refund or exchange for you. Please see F.A.Q page.

Please note Art Chart ISISduat

A specially written Astrological birth report for children. Give an insight for parents of how there child may developed. Written by Gloria Star. The report is divided into four parts

1 Understanding personality traits 2. Nurturing intellect and physical development. 3. Embracing emotional drives and needs. 4. Fostering creativity and spirituality.

Guide to understanding your chart

Designed so that you can get the most from you chart. A complete guide to your chart as an astrological map with an easily understood mini astrology course.

Points covered are: 1.What the planets symbolize.  2. Understanding aspects within your chart.  3.The signs of the zodiac.  4. Elements and modes.

Guide to understanding your chart


The three layers of the chart have been designed to help people understand their chart in three simple ways.


The first and top layer show the zodiac; the great Astrological wheel that spins around us. This shows us the twelve signs of the zodiac in their position at the time of birth. The next circle gives the cusp`s position to the chart. Cusp`s are very important as they give the starting point for each house.

THE NEXT LAYER IN(Coloured Pink or blue ). LAYER 2

The next layer shows the houses starting at the ascendant and rotating anti-clock wise around the chart.  The houses represent. First house: self. Second house: daily life. Third house : communication. Forth house : family. Fifth house: talent. Six house: health. Seventh house: partnership. Eighth house: legacies: Ninth house Travel. Tenth House :fame. Eleventh House :Friend. Twelve house: secrets (the hidden).

Within this layer you find the planets position as recorded at the moment of birth.


apone this layer are found the aspect patterns. These are the relationships between the points of the chart such as (mid-Heaven ascendant and and planets) there inter-relationship are judged  in degrees of orb (0. 30. 45. 60. 90. 120. 180). These aspect are recorded at there relavent positions with in the chart. The red lines show where we struggle and shows where problems will present them self's. The blue lines show where our talents and other areas of our life come easy to us.

In the centre of the chart you will find (rise up) is a small circle ( ether pink or blue) this represents you amongst everything else in our universe.

Keys are found on ether side of the chart. The Keys give details of what the symbols on the chart represent. These are: 1. for the Twelve signs of the Zodiac. 2. The planets astrological points. 3. Aspect values again explained to help you understand your chart.


Astrology birth Report

PLUS PLUS With every chart that we construct we dedicate a star which is local to where the person named on the chart is born and is then entered into our planetarium The star is recorded on to a certificate for you, giving it position and it magnitude.