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Richard Campbell-Smith StarChild  2013-2017

8 oz mug  personalized mug with date of birth , place of birth, Astrological map, birth sign astrology ruling planet and complete with birth sign. Perfect gift for someone close. Or for someone special at work.

A specially written Astrological birth report for children. Give an insight for parents of how there child may developed. Written by Gloria Star.

The report is divided into four parts 1 Understanding personality traits

2. Nurturing intellect and physical development.

3. Embracing emotional drives and needs.

4. Fostering creativity and spirituality.

Designed so that you can get the most from you chart. A complete guide to your chart as an astrological map with an easily understood mini astrology course.

Points covered are:

1.What the planets symbolize.

2. Understanding aspects within your chart.

3.The signs of the zodiac.

Guide to understanding your chart

Guide to understanding your chart

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With all Mug the following are added with the compliments of StarChikd.co

STARchild   8oz Mug