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With all Art chart the following are added with the compliments of StarChikd.co

Designed so that you can get the most from you chart. A complete guide to your chart as an astrological map with an easily understood mini astrology course.

Points covered are: 1.What the planets symbolize.  2. Understanding aspects within your chart.  3.The signs of the zodiac.  4. Elements and modes.

A specially written Astrological birth report for children. Give an insight for parents of how there child may developed. Written by Gloria Star. The report is divided into four parts

1 Understanding personality traits 2. Nurturing intellect and physical development. 3. Embracing emotional drives and needs. 4. Fostering creativity and spirituality. With every chart that we construct we dedicate a star which is local to where the person named on the chart is born and is then entered into our planetarium The star is recorded on to a certificate for you, giving it position and it magnitude. Art chart male pine Art chart male Leather Art chart female pine Art chart female Leather Male Pine Female Pine Male Leather Female leather

Astrological Birth Charts

Standard Chart Single layer Chart

Astrological Birth charts are Maps of the heavens which are measured to an accurately to one sidereal Minute. These maps of the heavens are plotted from the point and The location when your child took there very first breath and became independent of the mother.  

It,s there magic moment when there life as a individual begins. Accompanying the chart is a Astrology birth report. Plus a booklet for the Astrology enthusiast who may which to understand more on how to understand a chart from an astrologers point of view. With every child or adults chart we plot we also give a star dedications which is enter in to our StarChild data base planetarium. Which we plan to put on line on this site soon.