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In 1957 Michel Gauquelin the French psychologist and statistician set about scientifically proving the fundamental points in astrology. His research led him to some unexpected results in relation to the planets Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Gauquelin and his wife gathered birth information on more than 25,000 people and it appears to show that there is a correlation between the rising and culminating of the planet Mars and the birth of eminent athletes. Carl Payne Tobey (1902-1980) showed after careful research into major disasters that many of the most major natural disasters coincided with eclipses of the Sun and Moon. It is very hard, even for someone like me, to believe that everything is foretold in the skies; however the truth is that the reality of astrology is just as hard to disapprove as it is to prove.  That is why Astrology has become so popular and has remained so for the past two hundred years. People tend to come to me for two reasons. One is that they have just become parents and they would like to celebrate by having their child`s chart cast and an StarChild displayable chart, with its guides and FREE star naming is an ideal way to commemorate that. The other is an adult wanting to understand more about themselves through using a tool that we call astrology. My advice is this; astrology is a very good tool when it comes to soul searching. But when it come to issues like health and finance use the appropriate body. But never dismiss astrology as it always has a way of surprising you…..


Here at StarChild we prefer the precise time of birth so that we can accurately produce your chart. The Zodiac rotates 1 degree every four minutes, so every two hours sees a new ascendant sign rise. This rotation also sees planets crossing the ascendant and the moon traveling around the zodiac about 12 to 13 degrees a day. This is important for an astrologer as your ascending sign shows how you react within your world. Combine this with the sun sign, which represents your soul, and with other important parts of a chart, the report is made. As you see, quite a lot happens in a day, but don’t worry if you only have the date of birth, we can produce a good representative chart by using noon of that day as a reference point.

Question.     Why is it so important to know what time you was born ?

The Earths day is generally considered to be 24 hours in length. Unfortunately this is not strictly accurate. The length of one Earth day is approximately 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.091 seconds, meaning that to accurately compile a chart, the time of birth that you supply to us, has to be converted taking this difference into consideration. Once this conversion has taken place, we get the time of birth in Sidereal Time.

The Nodes of the Moon are points on the ecliptic, where the course of the Earth’s Moon crosses the course of the Sun, as seen from the Earth. Although we know that the Earth travels around the Sun, for the purposes of determining the Nodes, the course of both Sun and Moon are plotted as if they are both travelling around the Earth. The Nodes are as important as the planets themselves in astrology, as the movement of the Nodes appears to have a significant effect upon human fortunes.   

We take great care in the manufacture of our wall charts, and expect them  to last you for a great many years in the future. However there are a number of recommendations we make to ensure that they survive the years to come. We recommend that you do not hang them on the interior of an outside wall as the comparative coolness of the wall can encourage condensation and mould. Likewise do not hang over a radiator as heat can damage the chart over time. All paper products can bleach over time in direct sunlight, and our charts are no different. Avoid if at all possible. When cleaning use a dry soft cloth. If you need to use a glass cleaner, spray a little cleaner on to a cloth and not directly on to the glass. That way moisture is unlikely to get behind the glass.If you are unlucky enough to have your chart lost or destroyed, do not panic, we keep a database of our customers details so a replacement chart can be produced quickly and easily. We do not sell, loan, rent, or in any other way allow others to use our database. We respect your privacy in every way.

Question.     What is the best way for me to care for my ART CHART

Question.     So does Astrology  work

Question.     What is sidereal time

Question.     What are the Nodes?

Michel Gauquelin with his wife pictured 1957